Real Estate and Mortgages in Spain

The past year, according to real estate professionals, was a record breaker. In terms of property sales, mortgages processed and property price increases, the numbers haven’t been this healthy since before the crash in 2008

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Balearic Islands’ Holiday Rental Law amendments

The matter of holiday homes on the islands has always been a controversial one. This latest move and escalation in efforts to crack down on home-sharing sites such as Airbnb by city councils or local authorities in Spain, is triggered in part by lobbying from the...

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Yacht Crew Mortgages in Spain

At Spectrum Mortgages in Spain we deal with a large number of yacht crew mortgages and therefore we are used to dealing with the challenges and the questions that arise when yacht crew apply for a mortgage in Spain. In this article, we aim to address the typical...

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Refurbishment Mortgage in Spain

At Spectrum Mortgages in Spain, we have observed an increasing interest in properties that need complete refurbishment and thus the mortgages to be had in this context. As with new builds, this is an interesting option from an investment perspective but the mortgage...

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Mortgages: Building your Home in Spain

At Spectrum Mortgages in Spain, we experience an increasing amount of enquiries regarding building a house in Spain. This is an interesting option from an investment perspective but the mortgage for this type of project works quite differently than a normal mortgage....

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Rates on the rise in Spain

After a really interesting period in Spain in terms of fixed rate, long term mortgages, the banks have now decided to start increasing interest rates. Why are they doing this now? And what does it mean if you are looking at getting a mortgage in Spain within the near...

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Spanish AJD tax (Actos Juridicos Documentados)

AJD Tax: What is it and how does it work? In Spain, the process of buying a property involves quite a few costs. As an average one should expect around 10-15% of the purchase price as a cost. The costs consist of different taxes, notary fees, solicitor fees, valuation...

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Best Money Transfer Provider of the Year

The Best Money Transfer Provider of the Year was awarded to our partner Currencies Direct at the Money Age Awards, a prestigious award in the money industry held in London last night. They picked up the title of ‘Best Money Transfer Provider of the Year’ an amazing...

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Have you got an abusive mortgage?

Have you got an abusive mortgage? Find out in this article... Lately there has been a lot of controversy regarding Spanish variable mortgages. At the core of this controversy are the so called floor clauses or “clausulas suelo” in Spanish. In this article we will try...

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Spanish Mortgages

Susan Worthington is a Financial Adviser at the Spectrum IFA Group here in the Baleares.   She writes again with an update to inform us that the company have now introduced and established a new service geared towards solving the high demand of mortgage enquiries they...

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