Documents needed for a mortgage in Spain

To make the process of getting a mortgage as brief and problem free as possible it is important to provide all of the required documents. Below we have gathered a list of the minimum documents required to apply for a mortgage. The list may vary slightly from bank to bank and with individual circumstances. But, providing the below will create a strong starting point.

General documents everyone needs to supply

  • National identity document or passport
  • Foreigner’s ID number (NIE)
  • Proof of address (recent utility bill, bank letters, etc.)
  • Purchase contract/option contract (if available)
  • Proof of deposit
  • Proof of other source of income
  • Credit Report from your home country
  • Bank statements of the last 6 months
  • Last mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • Lease contract (if applicable)
  • Nota del registro (if available)


  • 3 last salary slips
  • Last Tax return (Last P60 for UK. Last Tax Return for USA and Canada.
    Declaración de la renta for Spain)
  • Employment contract
  • Letter from the Company (the Company letter must indicate the type of
    contract, seniority, annual salary and post of the employee)


  • Last 2 years Tax return (SA302 for UK. P21 or Notice of assessments for
    Ireland. Last tax return for USA and Canada)
  • Annual Accounts for the last two years
  • Accountant’s Certificate stating income information and occupation
    (from Chartered accountant)