Spanish Mortgage Q & A

Below you will find a few short Q&As on various areas concerning Spanish mortgages and buying a home in Spain.
We will try to cover the most important areas, but if you have a specific question, please use the short form below to send us you question.

Can I get an 80% residential  mortgage in Spain?

Can I get an 80% residential mortgage in Spain?

You have to be a tax resident in Spain to get an 80% mortgage. However, there is unfortunately no exact amount of time indicated by the banks in which you have to have lived and paid taxes in Spain to get access to a residential mortgage of 80%. In our experience we...

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Spanish Mortgage Rates update 2020

At Spectrum International Mortgages we do an annual update on the rate development in Spain. We do this every year in February and this year will be no different. As ever, the rates we mention are based on the market at the moment of publishing and we cannot guarantee...

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