The Beckham Law – Spain

A chance to change your financial future forever!

Many people are aware of the Beckham Law or soon find out about it (hopefully) when they arrive in Spain. In this article I am not going to explain it’s benefits because most people know these, but I am going to explain how being on this tax regime can potentially CHANGE your whole financial future with proper planning.

The big attraction regarding the Beckham Law for many is the low, one band income tax of 24% up to an income of €600,000 per year. Whilst this can massively increase your income over the 5 complete tax years you are here (if you start the Beckham Law in a January/February you pretty much have 6 years on this regime) and allows you to potentially save/put aside thousands over that period of time, for me the other benefits it offers can have the biggest impact on your financial future.

Your worldwide income is not taxable on the Beckham Law whilst tax resident in Spain, which is great if you have investments/assets outside of Spain which would normally need to be declared and tax paid.

Click on the below article by Chris Burke in our Barcelona office to see real life examples: